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Call it a “task”, “edit” or “request”, each active change is delivered the next day. These requests can take up to 30-minutes to complete. You can list as many as needed.


Website maintenance requires more than you think

We take everything in charge it so you don’t have to.


1. Start your care plan

In less than 90 seconds, you get in touch with your project manager

2. Maintenance and optimisation

In a day, we start working on ongoing maintenance and optimisation of your website

3. Submit your request

Send us the brief of your request directly by email

4. Request complete on the next day

Delivery speed of your requests is pivotal, so all active requests that take less than 30 minutes are delivered the next day.

5. We do as many revision as necessary

We work on your task until you are fully satisfied

6. Send your next requests over and over

Send as many requests as you need according to the plan you selected


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